duo with Mola Sylla

Mola Sylla born in 1956 in Dakar, Senegal. He is a singer and plays african instruments as well such as the kongoma,the xalam and the kalimba. Sylla is also a verry good carpentar. Give him a piece af wood and he transforms it to a musical instrument. This is the way Sylla is building up his role as a musical storyteller. He start with raw material and makes something out of it.

I like to work more or less in the same way so I found a perfect partner.

Friday july 5 2013 Cafe Kraaij & Balder, Strijpsestraat 79 Eindhoven at 21.00 hour

Saturday july 6 2013 Museum Gouda, Achter de Kerk 14, Gouda at 15.00 hour


dec.2012 jan.2013 feb.2013

In december 2012 it was not so cold outside so I took the opportunity to play a lot on the streets of central Eindhoven. At this time of the year I played a lot of "Sint Nikolaas" and  X-mas songs. I think I did about 15 busking sessions. On dec. 22  I played duo with Steve Hubback in van Piere Bookshop in Eindhoven. We played Xmas songs, spirituals and gospels. In jan. it was getting to cold to play on the street. I worked on my  tour with Chadbourne and Toktek. But finaly I had to cancel the whole thing cause I could not get enough concerts.

As remembarence of Marc Sponselee I song "Nature Boy" and played the Ukulele as well in the "Ketelhuis" in Eindhoven on feb. 21


chad & ad & toktek

Again you have the opportunity to hear this unusual combination. In the past I played several times with Eugene but this trio is new. Sofar we did one concert in Eindhoven about two month ago. You can still watch it on You Tube. Toktek is a special talent from the music  and art scene from Eindhoven. He designs his own instruments to make sounds. This time he brings a contrabass transformed as joy stick. We play on saturday march 31 in the old Tweka factory(its now a storage and shop for second hand furniture) at the Mierloseweg 53a in Geldrop, The Netherlands start 21.00 hour and on monday april 2 in cafe Wilhelmina, Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven start 21.00 hour


Two Tabla's

The peace office(an anti war organisation) in my home town Eindhoven is organising each year in januari a new year meeting. It is a meeting with discussion, spoken words and music. The subject of the comming meeting is: Peace is to meet each other.

They put together a special trio for this ocasion with the two tabla players Mr. Sanker & Mr. Nandoe and me. I played one time with this two  musicians in a jam session and that was a great surprise. I am looking forward to this special meeting.

Sunday januari 22/2012 Start 15.00 Information full program

"Woon & Werkpand Burgers,Hertoggstraat 2, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (our performance starts at 17.30) Entrance is free and after the music you can have a vegetarian meal)


Chad & Ad

Shockabilly gitar and banjo player Eugene Chadbourne and me are playing in Eindhoven.

On 15-11--2011 we perform at Cafe De Oude St. Joris, Pastoordijkmanstraat. Guest wil be hard folk gitar player from Eindhoven Ad van Meurs. Start 21.00 hour.

On 16-11-2011 we play at Cafe Kraaij en Balder, Strijpsestraat 79. Guest will be Eindhoven electro musician Toktek. Start 21.00 hour.

These two conserts will be quiet different so I advice everybody to visit them both.Also the combination of special talents will make this two evenings interesting.

To hear Doc. Chad is great but.... once in your life you have to see him perform then you get the total message.

This project is suported by the city council of Eindhoven.