Ran Gaku

Ohrai records

Ran Gaku is composed by Dejima Ensemble and consits of Yuki Saga,voice and percussion Ad Peijnenburg baritone & sopranino sax and small instruments Satoshi Ueda,yueqin & slide gitar
Recorded at TAC eindhoven on 19-11-2005. Executive producer Shimizu joh-on. Producer and recording Dejima Ensemble. Mastering Pieter Kloos. The Void studio, Eindhoven, Holland


1. Quarter song 3:57
2. Urban horse 2:48
3. Wind whistle/Stormy weather by Arlen&Koehler 6:22
4. Ran Gaku about saint 2:48
5. Ha-ha-ha/The great pretender by Buck Ram 3:19
6. What wondrous love (traditional)3:19
7. Stone Song 4:49
8. One for Donald and more 9:49
9. Oranda no jazz 3:35