On december 21 in 1997 Alan Purves and me did our first duo gig in Nuenen the village in Holland where Vincent van Gogh was kicked out. We enjoyed our excited meeting and we where lucky we did record that evening. On my own Dino label I brought it out under the title "The Pretty original Brainstormers". Now it is sold out and as so far our only sign of live of this illustrious duo. So for all the people that want to hear us again:

Sunday september 18 / 2011 start 14,30  Venue: De Cultuurboerderij, Voldijnseweg 8 in Westelbeers, The Netherlands phone 31(0)13 5142653

Monday september 19/2011 start 21.00 Venue: BURGERS Hertogstraat 2B in Eindhoven, The Netherlands phone 06 1213 8166


Two different combinations

On monday june 27 2011 I play is a no budget consert serie set up by Amsterdam bass player Raoul van der Weide. This series is called ÖORSPRONG"(source)" The consert takes place in Buiksloterweg 53a in Amsterdam start 20.00 hour. I have been asked to set up a small group. I choosed for percussion player Alan Purves who is a great player and collector of toys as well. For the right balance I invite young talent Younes Riad on electronics.

CoBaBa is a new temporary combination consisting of: on contrabas on basssax and my self on bariton.

3-7-011 In the garden of MuseumGoudA in Gouda the Netherlands start 15.00. On 6-7-011 in cafe Kraaij & Balder in Eindhoven at 21.00 hour. On 7-7-011 at the old TWEKA factory at the Mierloseweg 53a in Geldrop at 21.00 hour.

The members of this low tone trio are playing a coulple of side instruments as well suxh as doson'ngoni, all kinds os double reeds, different sizes of flutes, soprano & sopraninoswax, ukelele and sometimes they like to sing along. You can expect colourfull music inspired from all over the world.



Two concerts in Prague

From 20th untill 24 februari 2011 I will be performing in Prague together with the Celtic trance percussion player Steve Hubback. We will be performing in Klub K4 and in Unijazz.

There will also be an intervieuw for the Czech radio. For more information please go to the cultural news of the city of Prague.


The Crow is a singing bird

The title brings me together with two inventive and adventurous string players.

It are Huub Bogaers on cello and Jacq Palinxks on gitar. This trio is a kind of reunion. In the mid-eigthies we used to play together on regular base. We even did a succesfull tour with the famous english soprano sax player Lol Coxhill. After that we didn't broke up but just stopped playing together because everybody was going his own way.  Now after so many years we come together at:

Cafe Kraaij & Balder. Strijpsestraat 79, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

thursday november 18  start 21.00 hour phone 040 2515351

According many people the crow can't sing proparly.....maybe that's why we feel connected.


Ernest van Aaken & me & solo

On monday november 1 2010 I will play in Burgers,Hertogstraat 2b in Eindhoven.

I will start at 18.00 hour with my solo program "music for a good digestion" As the title suggest you can have a nice vegetarian meal while listening to my music.

At 21.00 hour bluesman Ernest van Aaken plays his traditional delta blues music.

At 22.00 hour Ernest and me will play a duo set. It is the first time we play together and also we are curious how our conversation will develop. So be witnes of this special event !